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Cowry Developer's Guide

This guide is intended for Mac application developers that want to use Cowry to distribute their application. It explains how Cowry functions and what developers must do to make their application work optimally with Cowry. It also contains guidelines for setting up your website for distribution.

The first chapter explains how Cowry works in general. The second chapter then shows in detail what information you should add to your application's Info.plist file and related items. Finally, the third chapter contains some further tips.

The System

The Cowry System
Explains how Cowry works in general.

Preparing your application

Key Overview
An overview of Info.plist keys used by Cowry.
Bundle Name
How to provide bundle names and unique identifiers.
How to use the various version label keys.
Vendor Information
How to add information about the vendor / developer of the application.

Distributing your application

Creating a .cwz archive
How to put together a .cwz archive of your application.
Configuring the web server
Some hints to make your webserver handle .cwz files.