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Key Overview

This chapter describes how to prepare your application to play nicely with Cowry. The most important task is making the application bundle self-describing. When Cowry encounters your application, it will first look at the Info.plist file. If you provide all the keys recommended by Apple, then you've done most of the work already. However, Cowry also adds some keys of its own for information like the product's website URL or the company name.

Here's a list of Info.plist keys used by Cowry. They are explained in more detail in the following sections.

Dictionary KeyLoc?DescriptionExample
CFBundleNameyesShort application name, displayed in the menuPhotoshop
CFBundleDisplayNameyesDisplay name for the bundle, used in the Finder for the bundle "file"Adobe Photoshop
CFBundleIdentifiernoUnique identifier for this
CFBundleIconFilenoFile name of the application icon (no .icns extension necessary)CowryApp
CFBundleVersionnoTechnical version or build number162
CFBundleShortVersionStringyesUser-visible version designation, displayed in the Finder column view and the About box3.1
CFBundleGetInfoStringyesVerbose version and/or copyright information, displayed in the Finder "Get Info" box3.1, released Jan 08 2006. Copyright © 2004-2006 MyCompany, Inc.
NSHumanReadableCopyrightyesCopyright notice, displayed in the About boxCopyright © 2004-2006 MyCompany, Inc.
CYVendorNameyesName of the developing company or personAdobe Systems Inc.
CYVendorHomePageyesWebsite URL for the vendor company
CYProductHomePageyesWebsite URL for the application / product products/photoshop/
CYReadMeFilenoFile name for the embedded ReadMe fileReadMe.rtf
CYLicenseFilenoFile name of the embedded License fileEULA.html